Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blaming Capitalism

We tend to blame capitalism for our own faults.  Blaming capitalism for a culture of greed is like blaming the victim for the crime.  We elect representatives that permit a systemic rape of our national wealth.  Don’t blame capitalism for this shortcoming.

Capitalism is an amoral economic and political system.  It is neither good nor bad.  The manner in which it's interpreted is what is critical.  In a democracy we have a choice in how we define and administer the tenets of capitalism.  Unfortunately, we have delegated that responsibility to those who favor the moneyed interests over and above all else.

“We the people” do not recognize the value of the society we help to create every day.  If there is a fault in capitalism, it is in its inability to offer an obvious path to greater prosperity for all.  The tenets of capitalism require a thoughtful and studied approach to a greater understanding of its variations, which is something most are unwilling or unable to do.

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